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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Edit Your Own Video Content

So you've decided that video content is the best way for your company to improve your marketing strategy. That's great! As you're racking your brain, trying desperately to think of some viable ways to shave off a few dollars from the budget, the thought occurs to you:

Maybe I can just edit this myself!

Sounds pretty simple, right? After all, your computer came with iMovie. That means you've got what you need to get the job done professionally, right?

Here are 5 reasons why you're wrong.

#1 Editing Requires Professional Skill

A long time ago, in a bygone era in which computers took up the size of rooms instead of your pocket, the only way to edit a video or a film professionally was to rent out a very expensive postproduction studio and then hire a professional team, made up of editors, assistants, and technicians.

These people were important because not only could they work all of the specialized equipment without setting your film negative on fire, but they also spent a considerable amount of their professional lives perfecting and honing their craft.

It was common sense to hire professionals instead of recruiting your nephew and telling him to "figure it out" because the editing process required a level of skill that can only be gained through a lot of professional experience.

It's easy to lose sight of this nowadays since you can share a video of your kitten waking up straight from your iPhone. But just because the technology has become much more accessible to the public and far less expensive, you still need experienced professionals to help you achieve a professional product.

#2 Inexperience Breeds Inefficiency

Here's a simple question: How valuable is your time?

If you are like most people, your time is incredibly valuable and also frustratingly limited.

If you are even considering editing your own content because you think it will somehow be faster and save you time, I promise you the opposite is true.

It would be like me trying to fix something major on my car (i.e. anything beyond an oil change). I could theoretically read all of the manuals and watch all of the YouTube videos - the information is technically out there for me to be able to fix my car on my own. But it would also take half a century because I don't know anything about cars.

A professional mechanic holds a comparative advantage over me in this area, which will save me a lot of time. The same is true with a professional video editor as it pertains to you and your video content.

#3 You Need Fresh Eyes

This is something people don't often realize, but science has told us definitively that we cannot completely trust our eyes. As much as we like to think that what we observe is true, objective reality, the simple fact is our perception is distorted by a million little things: our mood, atmospheric lightning, recent memories, or how badly we may need to visit the restroom.

This is one reason why you shouldn't trust eyewitness testimony as much as you feel like you should. We all add our own perspectives to things and our personalities and experiences color our view of the world.

You are destined to lose some perspective and objectivity during the Content-Creation process.

This is one of the huge values of an editor - someone who can view your project with fresh eyes, free of biases created throughout the process.

#4 Steep Technology Curve

A popular misconception is that learning the editing software is the easy part. After all, didn't we just talk about how far we've come from those giant production facilities? While you might very well be able to carry all of the digital tools with you to Starbucks on a laptop, you're certainly not going to be able to learn all of those tools in just a couple hours browsing on YouTube.

Chances are, you'll also need some visual effects elements like lower thirds or specialized graphics. It will take you at least 9 & 1/2 hours to get the very basics on After Effects. Ditto the 5 hours and nearly 6 hours required to learn the color correction and sound mixing programs respectively. And then to wrap it all up, the specialty encoding and exporting program Media Encoder requires another 3 hours of your time.

After all of that, you're still a beginner.

Sure you know more than the average person on the street, but unfortunately it's still a very rudimentary skill level compared with professional editors who have spent years dedicated to their craft.

#5 Really Good Editors Are Really Creative

There is a common perception, especially from those not working in the trenches on a project, that the editor is little more than a pair of hands banging away at a keyboard to create a finished product that was essentially inevitable in its final form. This couldn't be further from the truth.

I could write a whole series of blog posts about famous films that were a complete mess after shooting but were completely reinvented in the editorial department. But even for normal projects, professional editors are constantly fixing things that you didn't even know were broken.

There is a reason that some of the most famous collaborations in film history have been between the director and the editor. Brilliant directors recognize how creatively important their editor can be and how much they must rely on them, for both technical expertise and creative insight.

The simple truth is, there are many tasks in life which benefit from the do-it-yourself approach, but there are just as many other tasks that turn out much better if handled by a professional. Being able to tell the difference is what often sets successful individuals and businesses apart from everyone else.

Duration of Your Online Video

So, you have an idea to put your new business video online, right?
But there is only one primary concern for any online video:

Duration of Your Video

The ideal duration of any business web video, whether it is an animated video or a video with real characters should not exceed 180 seconds and it should not be less than 45 seconds if you are a famous brand or a company.

There are 5 main reasons behind creating a 3 minutes business video.

1 - YouTube and Vimeo Show Video Duration

YouTube, the largest video search engine shows duration of your video to your audiences. And if your audience finds that this is a lengthy video then there are 60% chances that they will skip your video and shift to another one. Vimeo also follows the same technique.

2 - Call for Action is Always at the End

The term ‘Call for Action’ stands for your request to your audience to take a quick action about what you are selling or sharing. In 95% of business videos the call for action is always at the end. Call Us Now! Visit Our Website Now and Get 10% Discount! are some examples of call for action. So in any way, you can’t put your slogan at the starting or in the middle of your video and without a call for action your video is a waste as you will not be able to sell anything.  So, it’s always a nice idea to tell your story within 180 seconds and let your audience take a quick action on it. You can redirect them to your official website or ask them to call you to get your brilliant services or to buy your products.

3 - Shorter Videos Take Less Loading Time

It’s a bit technical! The shorter the video in duration, the lighter it is in size. If you upload a shorter video it will take less time to load or buffer and can start playing quickly. A heavy video may take loads of time to buffer and you can lose 30% of your visitors who might have slow Internet connection. Now say for instance, a video under 200 MB takes around 5 seconds to buffer on video sharing websites or on your personal web video players.

4 - People Don't Have Time

As life is too fast these days, people don’t want to devote the required time to watch your lengthy video until or unless you upload a compilation of funny cat videos or best 2016 failures, etc. If you are selling something with the help of your video then, in any way, you have got to make your video shorter and interesting.

5 - Eye Catching Video Thumbnail Doesn't Work Anymore

Few years ago you could easily coax your audience to click on your video by placing a small eye catching video thumbnail on video sharing websites.  But these days, people are aware of this trick and they don’t click on the play button easily because player shows duration of the video on your video thumbnail. So they will only click if they find that this video won’t take much of their time.

So, duration of your online video is the most important aspect and should be taken care of while promoting yourself through a video.

We are a Web Video Production Company and we share any article after thorough research and with the guidance of experienced video production professionals. Please drop in your comments on this topic in the space mentioned below and also don’t hesitate to share your tips regarding online video sharing as your suggestions are our real asset.

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Videos are a great way of targeting a wider audience. It is time you start taking advantage of this fact and ask the correct questions during the online video editing process. Here are some questions you should ask before and during the video editing process:


The most important question you need to ask before you begin the video editing process is will your video be able to reach the intended audience? First off, who is your intended audience? Is it the stockholders, upper management or general customers? Understand that each audience requires a different type of content so that they find the video content useful and suitable to their needs.


Even if you are planning on posting a video tutorial or a short documentary on your website, you can’t just let it be boring and unentertaining. Review your video when it is going through the online video editing process and ask whether your video has that ‘delight factor’? Will it be able to hold the audience’s attention long enough for them to keep watching? Keep in mind that people have dwindling attention spans.If your video is not fun and entertaining, you are probably wasting your time, effort, and money on online video editing.


The volume, emotion and tone of your video should match the product you are selling and the target audience.If you are selling new and shiny gadgets, your tone needs to be happy-go-lucky, loud and exciting but if you are selling caskets or weight loss pills, your tone should be a little sympathatic so that you are able to make a soft corner in your target audience’s heart. Make sure your tone and emotions are according to the product you are selling.Sometimes the emotion and tone may change as the video is being processed, for example, someone may be unhappy with their weight at the beginning of the video but might become happy and excited after discovering your new weight loss pill.


Keep in mind that you cannot expect your video to appeal to your target audience if you don’t find it appealing yourself. Make sure your video includes all the required elements: the proper detail, tone of voice, concept, story and the right actors. If you have a topnotch idea,online video editing will enhance your ideas and help it appear more presentable to the general public.

5 Reasons to Outsource Video Editing

With video marketing steadily gaining importance, businesses have to take this medium of promoting their products and services seriously, or else risk losing out to the competition. While a half-decent idea can help you create a decent enough video, how can you ensure people are encouraged to watch it? This is where video editing comes in. Even a shoddily recorded video can be edited to look impressive, but a poorly edited video will not deliver the desired results. This is where it is a good idea to outsource video editing instead of having it done in-house.

There are several reasons why outsourcing your video editing work can prove beneficial. Here’s a look at the top 5:

1. If you run a business and are only making videos to market your products and services, it is a given that you don’t have the required experts onboard who can deliver high quality videos. By deciding to outsource video editing, you can get experienced professionals to cut your videos, whose bread and butter depends on creating enticing videos. Their eye for detail and knowledge of what attracts viewers will add the required finesse and class to your video.

2. Professional video editors have the expertise, equipment and experience to guarantee a quick turnaround. When you outsource video editing, you can benefit from their skills and expertise. You can also set the timeframe in which you need the video to be done in,this way, you get a professionally edited video in quick time.

3. As mentioned above, professional video editing services have the equipment necessary to deliver a crisp and clear video. This means you can get a high quality video, even if you don’t have the equipment in-house. At the end of the day, viewers are attracted by the quality of the video besides the content, so it is an added bonus if it has been processed using the latest software and tools.

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4. The term ‘video editing’ can be misleading to the average entrepreneur. Professional video editing services don’t just trim the length of your footage but also mix the sound, add the required effects, and embellish the clip as and when required. This means you get an all-in-one package when you outsource video editing to a professional company.

5. Last, but not least, you don’t have to make a long-term commitment with the service you select. Even if you want just one video edited and delivered, you can place an order. The flexibility you get of being able to scale their services is an added bonus. You can even increase the frequency at which you create and publish videos online once you know you have the professional expertise to get them ready for releasing on the internet in quick time.

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Qualities to look for when you outsource video editing

#1 Creativity

Another important thing which you want to look at when you outsource video editing is the creativity of the team or individual you are working with.

Here you want to look at how the first draft of the video comes together in terms of editing style and what are the video editing methods & techniques used. Even though this will be a draft version, you want it to me as closely as possible to how you picture the finished video to look like.

#2 Skill set

This one goes hand in hand with the creativity. The editor may have the right ideas but he will also need the right set of skills and technique in order to put into practice the ideas that he or you may have. Video editing software can get pretty complicated even for the most tech savvy people and learning how to use it takes a lot of time.

Also, staying connected and up to speed with the latest software and trends in the industry can be quite a challenge as this is a fast moving market.

#3 Availability

Most of the times your video editing company or video editing freelancer will living in a different country or even on a different continent. That is why communication could be lacking sometimes. So, before you outsource video editing to anyone check what their availability is.

Ideally you want to be able to reach them by phone or Skype calls as well, not just by email and chat with customer support.

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#4 Attitude

You always want the guys with a “can do attitude”. Having the right mindset and just a positive attitude will make a great difference. When somebody is enthusiast about a project you can’t really expect to see mediocre results from them.

A team which is passionate about each and every project will come back to you with a creative solution which matches your expectation, within the mentioned deadline. We believe this is extremely important especially for long term relations.

#5 Portfolio

Don’t just browse around their website to look for past videos they did or projects they worked on. Ask specifically to see their work in a given niche. For example, over here are Rooster Pixel, we have been working with many clients who asked us to keep their videos private or even sign non-disclosure agreements.

So if you can’t find a specific type of video style on the website it doesn’t necessarily mean we can’t do it. Let’s have a short call and see if we can help make your video project a reality. We’d love to chat and show you in private more of our previous video edits if needed.

#6 Pricing

Lastly but not least you obviously want to check out the pricing. Most online video editing companies will charge you just a fraction that a marketing agency would, but double checking the price is definitely something you want to do.

For standard projects the fees are based on the duration of the footage that needs to be edited, but for more complex projects which are heavy on visual effects and animation the pricing structure might vary a bit.

Why should you outsource video editing?

Here are the top reasons why outsourcing video editing is the best option for your particular situation most of the times.

#1 You don’t have the human resources

I haven’t met a single company regardless of the market they are it who has a full time video editor on board. Of course video broadcasters and TV stations are excluded. But most of the times, the majority of the business don’t have a person or a team who can handle video editing.

And this is perfectly normal because for most business having a full time editor on board is not economically feasible given the amount of work required. You are probably doing videos just a couple of times a month or even less often.

That is a perfect reason to outsource video editing to a specialized team of professionals. Shift that activity over to someone else and keep focusing on the core activity of your business instead.

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#2 You don’t have the technical resources

If you are thinking that you can quickly cut your raw video yourself, you might want to reconsider. Even the most basic video editing software can get pretty expensive. On top of that the hardware need to smoothly run today’s Full HD or 4K footage will have to be high end.

This is a cost you might not be able to recuperate if video editing is not a something that you need to do constantly on a long term basis.

You contract with the company to whom you outsource video editing can be project based. It doesn’t need to be long term and it doesn’t need to have a monthly charge associated with it. You only pay per project.

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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Edit Your Own Video Content

So you've decided that video content is the best way for your company to improve your marketing strategy. That's great! As you...